Caffeinate Your Job Search Program

STOP sending out resume after resume after resume,

START job searching smarter, not harder,

and join me in finding a job you LOVE!

A lot of people live their lives accepting that they will always be undervalued, underpaid and work in a job that they hate.

But you don't have to live that way! And you shouldn't live that way. You deserve better.

It's time to invest in yourself and your job search...

So what would it be worth to have...

  • An ATS-friendly resume that lands interviews so you can stop sending out resume after resume and start interviewing.
  • A cover letter that recruiters and hiring managers actually read, instead of tossing to the side.
  • An updated and optimized LinkedIn profile that results in increased engagement.
  • A networking plan that you can immediately implement into your job search.
  • A step-by-step job search guide that you can use as you work toward finding a job you LOVE.
  • A polished elevator pitch and interview answers that leave a memorable impression with hiring managers.

That's what I want to offer you help with today!

The Caffeinate Your Job Search Program™

Join hundreds of other job seekers in 3-week email course, which will prepare you to effectively job search!

  • That's 21 hyper-caffeinated emails and homework assignments delivered directly to your inbox each day. 
  • 2 ATS-friendly resume templates, a cover letter checklist, an interview guide and interactive worksheets you can immediately apply to your job search.
  • Personalized feedback throughout the program and a 30-minute coaching call ($125 value) with Career Coach Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES.
  • Lifetime access to the course materials and handouts so you can refer to them throughout your job search and career.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and work toward finding a job you LOVE, knowing that you are protected by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

Here's what's covered in the Caffeinate Your Job Search Program™

WEEK 1: Caffeinate Your Resume + Cover Letter

  • Access 2 ATS-friendly resume templates and a cover letter checklist.
  • Know when to use a functional resume over a chronological resume.
  • Create an effective Career Summary that recruiters love, and actually read.  
  • Receive expert feedback on your resume from Kyle.
  • Figure out how to market your experience that's not 100% related to the position you're applying to.
  • Hone in on your accomplishments and of course, your fabulousness.

WEEK 2: Caffeinate Your LinkedIn + Networking

  • Gain a deeper understanding of LinkedIn, networking and #lattes.
  • Learn how to write a LinkedIn a headline that results in increased profile views.
  • Decipher what info should and shouldn't go on your LinkedIn.
  • Receive expert feedback on your LinkedIn profile from Kyle.
  • Discover how to effectively network both ON and OFF LinkedIn
  • Figure out how to successfully follow up if you don't hear back from a connection.

WEEK 3: Caffeinate Your Interview + Salary Negotiation

  • Learn how to effectively prepare for your big interview and salary negotiation.
  • Craft and master an elevator pitch that is memorable and impactful.
  • Use Kyle's revised version of the STAR Method to answer interview questions in a storytelling fashion.
  • Receive feedback from Kyle on your elevator pitch and interview answers.
  • Discover Kyle's favorite questions to ask the interviewer, ensuring you leave a great last impression.
  • Access tips and a script on how to handle salary negotiation like a pro.
  • Complete a 30-minute coaching call with Kyle to ensure you are set up for job search success! ($125 value).

Those Who Found Jobs They LOVE

He helped me create a more professional written resume. Most importantly, the process it took to do it, he never once made me feel... for a lack of better words dumb or incapable of producing professional documents. He taught and showed me how to improve and tailor my resume writing... I finally landed a job I have dreamed of having using the tools and material Kyle gave me to accomplish it. Kyle will not just help you, he will teach you... Investing in Kyle is investing in yourself. - Daneeka Rene'

Kyle is amazing at what he does! After basically copy-pasting my resume to my LinkedIn and never getting interviews for jobs that I actually wanted, I had him help me revamp my LinkedIn profile and it turned out great... After his help, I started to receive InMail from recruiters and finally landed a full-time position. - Kate Moran 

Kyle had a multitude of fantastic tips and tricks that set my resume apart, and landed me more interviews than I could have ever anticipated. With Kyle's guidance, I was able to nail down job opportunities, ace the interview, and put myself in a position to choose where I want to go. - Alec Santos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the course right for me?

Whether you're a college student or millennial or mid-career professional or c-suite executive, we promise that your career will benefit from this course. Kyle has infused this course with the exact same methods he uses during his 1:1 career coaching sessions with students through Fortune 100 executives. That being said, you have to be ready to put in the work. This course is self-paced and you'll need to hold yourself accountable.

How is the program delivered?

Over a period of 21 days, you’ll receive daily coaching emails along with homework assignments that you can immediately apply to your career. We’ll cover a total of 6 topics together: Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, Networking, Interview Prep and Salary Negotiation. You receive lifetime access to course information, resources and activities.

At the end of the course, you also receive a 30-minute coaching session with Kyle ($125 value) to ensure you set up for job search success.

How is this different from Kyle's regular resume writing and career coaching?

With resume writing, Kyle either provides extensive edits or full rewrites of cients' resumes. With 1:1 coaching, Kyle engages in 2 to 8+ 50-minute coaching sessions, followed by session notes and any applicable "homework." He is also accessible via email and text to his 1:1 clients.

Kyle's coaching packages range from $479 - 1,399+ and job search programs range from $799 - $2,999+.

While you will receive light feedback throughout the Caffeinate Your Job Search Program™, it will be more high-level than his 1:1 clients receive.

What is your refund policy?

While less than 1% of people who enroll ask for a refund (and it's typically because they don't want to do the work), we're happy to provide a refund if you don’t feel the program helped you. Please email us at with your completed workbook within 30 days of completing the program and we'll refund your investment.

Find A Job You LOVE!

If you are ready to put in the work, Kyle is willing to help you. The Caffeinate Your Job Search Program™ will guide you through the exact methods Kyle uses with his 1:1 coaching clients to land them their dream jobs at companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and nearly every other Fortune 100/500 company you can think of.

You'll receive expert help with your resume and cover letter, LinkedIn and networking, and interview and salary negotiation. All with the goal of finding you a job you LOVE!

Are you ready to find a job you LOVE?

Have a question about the program?

If you have any questions about the course, please contact